• Stages of Life

    Like people, dogs behaviors and health change through different stages of their lives. By knowing what to expect, you won't be thrown off balance when your dog suddenly adopts a unexpected behavior or shows signs of "unlearning" behaviors you thought it had mastered. Puppies Adolescence Old Age

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  • Special Needs

    Travel By Car Many dogs enjoy car rides, especially with the window down, the air blowing across their coats, and the movement, sights and sounds. But some dogs are fearful of car rides or behave in annoying or dangerous ways. You need to take your dog on a few short car rides to understand how it behaves

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  • Socialization

    With People With Children and Infants With Multiple Dogs With Cats and Other Pets With People It is important to get your dog used to meeting new people from the youngest age possible. Some breeds are naturally sociable; others are reticent. You'll want your dog to be friendly without being

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  • Physical and Mental Stimulation

    Daily Exercise Exercise is important to maintaining healthy muscles, bones and joints in dogs and for keeping major organs functioning smoothly. Dogs that get adequate exercise daily tend to look good, feel good and live longer. Exercise helps work off excess energy in dogs so that they can act more

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  • Housing and Equipment

    Housing Different people have different expectations about how freely they want their dogs to roam in their homes day and night. Whether you choose to allow you dog on the furniture, sleep in bed with a family member or have access to all areas of your home, it is still important that you keep a crate

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  • Health Care

    Vet Visits Vaccinations Spaying and Neutering Common Health Issues Vet Visits Next to you and your family, your veterinarian is one of the most important people in your dog's life. You should identify a veterinarian for your new dog before you bring it home and arrange for a first appointment

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  • Diet and Nutrition

    Water Water serves two primary purposes for dogs. First, it is important to keep dogs hydrated, which supports the healthy operations of its internal systems. Second, water acts as a cooling mechanism for dogs, because they don't perspire (except on their feet). To cool down and prevent overheating,

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  • Daily Care and Grooming

    Handling Waste Management Grooming Handling For small dogs, place one hand under the dog to support its chest and use the other forearm or hand to support its hind legs. For larger dogs, lift the dog from the underside. Place one hand and forearm supporting the chest and the other hand and forearm

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