• Behavior and Training

    Natural Behaviors Problem Behaviors Training Natural Behaviors One way to prepare for cat ownership is to make sure you understand the natural behaviors associated with cats. Here are a few basic behaviors inherent to a cat's constitution and disposition: Nocturnal Activity. Cats are nocturnal

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  • Choosing Your Pet

    Cats have been domesticated for literally thousands of years. Yet they continue to behave according to their earlier natures as predators of vermin. They are creatures of habit who value cleanliness and routine. They love to hunt and roam. They also happen to be the number one choice of pets in the

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  • Diet and Nutrition

    Water It is critical that you make fresh water available to your cat at all times. Keep the water fresh by changing it frequently; at least three to four times a day. Use a low bowl or saucer that your cat can easily access and wash it with soap and water daily. Diet and Nutrition Cats are naturally

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  • Handling and Grooming

    Handling Grooming Brushing Declawing and Nail Clipping Bathing Tooth Brushing Ear Cleaning Handling To handle an adult cat, put one hand beneath the chest and use the other to support the cat's hind quarters. For kittens, be sure to support theirs legs and feet at well. Please note:

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  • Health Care

    Vet Visits Vaccinations Common Health Issues Spaying and Neutering Vet Visits Next to you and your family, your veterinarian is one of the most important people in your cat's life. You should identify a veterinarian for your new cat before you bring it home and arrange for a first appointment

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  • Housing and Equipment

    Cat Bed and Bedding Carrier Litterbox and Litter Scratching Post Cat Bed and Bedding Even if you plan to allow your pet to sleep on your bed or any other soft surfaces in your home, you need to set up a dry, warm place that is just for your cat. Bring home a cat bed that has one, lower side

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  • Kitten Care

    When kittens are born, they are completely dependent on their mothers. They don't have any vision or hearing until between two and five weeks. At one month old, kittens learn to walk, run, jump and play by observing their mother and interacting with their litter mates. By the time kittens reach three

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  • Physical and Mental Stimulation

    Exercise In the natural environment, cats spend their days hunting for prey. They run and jump, hide and pounce, bat and play until they've completed their kill. Today, most pet cats are indoor creatures and do not need to defend themselves from predators or hunt for food. You need to give your cat the

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