Many aging or ill pets are euthanized by a veterinarian of the pet owner’s choice or may die on their own. Then you have the difficult decision of what to do with the pet’s remains. How do you decide what to do with your special pet’s remains when your heart is hurting? The decision is up to you, the pet’s owner and trusted friend.

One option is Private Pet Cremation. This means your pet, and only your pet, is cremated. You can be assured of receiving back only your pet’s cremated remains. When here at Surrey preparing for your pets cremation you have the option to choose from 5 beautiful urns that your pet can be returned in.

Another option available is Mass Cremation. This is the least expensive option. With mass cremation, you will not be able to have your pet’s cremated remains returned to you. It is not recommended if you wish to keep hold of your pet’s cremated remains or spread them.

Surrey Veterinary Clinic has partnered with the company Trusted Journey.

Their website:

What this means is Trusted Jouney will pick up your deceased pet from Surrey Veterinary Clinic and provide the cremation services you chose. If you elected to have Private Cremation with the cremated remains returned to you, Trusted Journey will return the cremated remains in a beautiful urn, of your choice, to Surrey Veterinary Clinic for you to pick up. We will call you when your beloved pet is back so you can pick them up at your convenience.